Play not tired, leisure Three Kingdoms strategy Tour "Three Kingdoms bully" has come! There are all kinds of playing methods, such as simulated operation, strategic national war, military collection, etc. you can join in and conquer the world hand in hand!

In the game, you will incarnate the three lords, govern one side's territory, from starting from scratch to becoming one side's overlord! Practice and expand territory, separate one side and become famous princes; level the banditry and strategize the enemy camp, take a million soldiers to fight red cliff, and finally write a legend that belongs to you!

[game features]

1. The camp of princes with different characteristics: the princes not only sit in different cities, but also join forces with more unique attribute bonus;

2. The passionate camp National War: the large-scale siege is staged every week, and the daily martial arts and leisure fight are performed slightly;

3. Family guilds of unity and cooperation: join the family to participate in the battle for the national war City, and explore and receive benefits with other players;

4. Territory management of worry free development: simulate the Lord's territory management, without conscience setting of resource plunder;

5. Funny and interesting adventure: a unique way of seeking and playing, it can calm down bandits, meet mysterious businessmen, and search for famous historical generals!

This three countries will definitely let you have different experiences. Hurry up and embark on the journey!