The 3D masterpiece holy sword heaven of different worlds is burning out. You will have the ability to control time, shuttle through the cycle of time to save time, and compose a new chapter of destiny. Boss of different life experiences has been waiting for the judgment of the strong in the degenerate world. Use the holy sword in your hand to save it. Start now and start the adventure of the cycle!

[game features]

3D new world, adventure paradise

Through time and space, break the wall of dimension, take you to lead the beautiful scenes such as "the field of time", "Jinsha port", "thunderobot Tianlong kingdom" and so on!

Diversified career and diversified experience

Open combat, up to more than 50 career transfer, gorgeous skills give you the ultimate experience of freedom, changeable team cooperation and challenges, and express your exclusive game life!

◆ through reincarnation, unlimited plot

Open the eyes of time, your choice will bring different ending, tragedy or reunion? You need to use the power of time and space, counter current time to compose the music of destiny, and destiny can be rewritten freely!

◆ depravity · save boss

Lord boss is scattered in every corner of the fallen world, but the world does not know their different life experiences. Go to the depraved land, and they will offer you the holy things to cut through the thorns