The Biography of the Invincible General is a new generation of card players with the background of ancient Chinese history. The game is rich in gameplay, copies of various challenges, the strongest battlefield and so on. It also adds various equipment sub-attributes, position and order of play, passive skills and other features. Strive to give players a full range of personal experience of the history of the classic battle smoke!

Characteristic Play

Beautiful picture: Characteristic map, handsome shape, cool fighting, new generation card experience!

War in troubled times: dozens of classic battles, hundreds of famous historical generals, you will join them in war in troubled times!

Extreme Challenge: Brain Burning Strategy, Creating the Most Suitable Strategic School for Your Style!

Famous generals gather: Chu and Han struggle for hegemony, three famous generals, Sui and Tang heroes, group of heroes, as long as you want, all into the ranks.

Love and righteousness in troubled times: Friends, couples, gangs, your troubled times are never lonely, call friends to fight together!

Each has a huge amount of welfare, top-quality generals, millions of yuan Bao and so on.