"Perfect beauty" is a 2.5D realistic style ARPG next generation martial arts mobile game, with beautiful game screen and gorgeous game effects. As a king, players will experience 3000 beauties, play with beauties and take charge of 3000 worlds. They can not only compete with players fiercely, but also cooperate with each other to complete the mission.

The soul of heroes in the long river of history has never been extinguished. This is an era of picking stars and taking the moon!

When the world is in chaos, the treacherous and sycophants are in charge, and the great husband stands between heaven and earth. He should save the people in the fire and water, and make great contributions to the world!

The vast earth, who is the master of ups and downs! In this turbulent era, everyone can fight for the highest glory in the world -- Wang!!

In front of thousands of troops, you are both wise and brave; if you have a million generals, you will conquer them if you attack them, and you will take them when you fight!

In the golden palace of the Imperial City, you are thirsty for talents; if you know people well, you will gather a large number of virtuous ministers.

In your exclusive harem, the three palaces and six courtyards are the most beautiful women to choose from.

Your appearance has turned the world around, calmed down the four sides, made outstanding achievements in the history, and made brilliant achievements shine on the world!

The vast Kyushu, the world, who can face the South back north called lonely?

Towering China, beautiful rivers and mountains, who will finally win the Central Plains?

What are you waiting for? The master of this land!