——- new talent, job transfer and rebirth, and increased combat power——

"Tianjue" is a new version. The reincarnation system and the new talent system shock attack, and the combat power is surging!!!

----The new magic series MMORPG mobile game, three major professions you choose, all kinds of boss challenge with you, massive gifts and so on.

----Full 3D European and American dark type human setup, realistic world of Warcraft rebirth, dark race and Warcraft dispute, fight for ancient gods!

----Gorgeous skills, super strong sense of attack, plus smooth and comfortable operation mode, bring the excellent hand feeling different from before;

----The miracle of light reappears in the panoramic view of the mainland. Dozens of kinds of combat wing equipment come on stage in a cool way. The tough man equipment and powerful explosive sound effect bring unprecedented shock experience;

----Instant PK, world boss, camp attack and defense, magic tower survival are all available.

——- take the pride of the flaming tiger, the red flame wings, and the whole service——

Seven Day Carnival season, rare red dress is available in limited time!!

Fighting power swept the whole suit, and the new clothes activity helped the divine power again!!

Second speed rush to grab boss, red flame wings waiting for you to get!!

Recharge rebate high return, cumulative income beyond imagination!!