The annual sand carving card "long live the hero" hand tour is full of laughter!

A large number of Yuan Bao, silver coins and experience are being distributed. Let's go to the sky!

Wulitou battle effect refreshes three outlooks, the humble Meng figure stands to draw the sky and the sky, has no integrity game plot plot integrity breaks ground!

Here, we do not spell the numerical value, only the brain hole, not the wallet, but only the integrity. An adventure integrating the journey to the west, Fengshen, the Three Kingdoms and all kinds of classic and funny elements is opened.

[strategy play]

Character fetters, skill collocation, no numerical spelling brain hole

Various PVP Games: Adventure in three realms, adventure in the heavenly palace, struggle for the throne

Perfect combination of sand sculpture combat effect and strategy play

[humble and cute design]

Familiar classic characters, brand-new cheap cute personages

He is infatuated with the most noble treasure, the humble cute Tang Sanzang, the Buddha and the ghost animal Erlang God

The combination of classic and funny elements will bring you a new hilarious experience

[hilarious plot]

The Three Kingdoms turmoil caused by six gemstones

The incarnation of Sun Wukong

Let's have an adventure that breaks the rules