"Longwu" is developed and produced by the original team of Duanyou. It is committed to integrating classic IP into the "young" blood. While perfectly reproducing the plot of Duanyou's painting style, it also pays more attention to the strategy and overall sense of attack of the game that young users pay attention to!

On the scene and screen of the game, "dragon martial" is committed to creating an absolutely free world of Chinese martial arts. From the cool willow bank to the juggling and shouting to the prosperous market, the three-stage lightness skill takes you 360 ° to explore the Longwu lake and meet the infinite reverie of the world of chivalry.

Lolita will be able to swim four classic occupation body shapes and face groups "younger" in the occupation model design. Originally, Gao Leng Master Yu Tianyu is the salt and sweet double Lolita in dragon Wu. In addition, "Longwu" also set up an art team to "cross dress" all professional suits to create a new martial arts tour full of real vitality and youth!

In addition to the freehand and fresh world scenery, vivid and vivid characters, and the charming and moving multi line plot, "Longwu" also has many high-profile protagonists who accompany the players to travel in the river and lake, experiencing the entanglement of love and hate. The social games with a full sense of ceremony let players from all over the world meet in the world, know each other, and make love. Here, there are all your fantasies about "Hongyan Lake" and "Jinlan love"!

The original class production lineup reappears the classic and absolutely free new martial arts world, classic occupation and scene reappear, accompany with you, and point to the world of swordsmen!