[game introduction]

"Heart sword" is a 3D martial arts MMO mobile game. The story revolves around the long lost martial arts treasure. The treasure reappears in the river and lake, attracting the competition of various heroes. The great river and lake is full of happy gratitude and hatred. It has a unique free face pinching system, sharp and freehand brushwork, wonderful Huashan sword debate and Song Mountain competition, creating your unique dream of the world.

[game features]

——Pure martial arts in the world

Lin'an, tingfengge, Jiangnan Town It is committed to creating the most real world of the world of martial arts. It adopts realistic martial arts painting style, uses the most cutting-edge weather change and light and shadow system to present a wonderful world of martial arts.

——Unique martial arts reverse the situation

All kinds of martial arts, school specific combat skills, dodge and move, leap sprint, air release. Huashan discusses swords, Songshan contends for supremacy, and martial arts meeting enriches confrontation experience to help you reverse the situation in Wulin.

——Sweet social exclusive love

There are all kinds of marriage contests, eight character marriage, romantic wedding, sedan sedan parade, exciting and robbing, and love copies! This is an interactive lake with flesh and blood and love.

——Interesting growth

Happy play

Enrich PVE activities and have endless fun: experience the magic of random tasks with a brand-new experience; guard the gang, and all members of the gang unite to resist foreign enemies; cool and cute pets, rare mounts, accompany you to fight alone in the river and lake

——Fair fall free trade

Excellent equipment kill boss fair drop, not bound, full free trade line, let you experience overnight wealth.