In 2019, the brand-new 3D Oriental Martial Arts MMOARPG Tour "Destruction" uses the industry's leading engine and has a very high game quality. Over the host level of the next generation of sound and painting, warm-blooded sense of refreshing blow, so that players feel like they are in the situation to ride the horse free chivalrous rivers and lakes! All people play treasure, all people dress up, stand at the peak of the river and lake, all people look up to; free trade, make a living from scratch, play games can also make money! Wing pets advanced, attributes soared to activate a new look; mounted Dark Armor guard, strength advanced full of armed! More warm-blooded battlefield, tens of thousands of people cross Huashan argumentation sword! Drinking horses, rivers and lakes, love and companionship will last a lifetime!

Game features:

Four Professional Chivalrous Clubs

Huashan's Views on Swords and Ten Thousands of People

Sword God awakens the world's sole self-respect

Powerful equipment countless gorgeous fashions

The sensory extreme blow is smooth and explosive