The Biography of the Invincible General is a new generation of card players with the background of ancient Chinese history. The game is rich in gameplay, copies of various challenges, the strongest battlefield and so on. It also adds various equipment sub-attributes, position and order of play, passive skills and other features. Strive to give players a full range of personal experience of the history of the classic battle smoke!

Characteristic Play

Beautiful picture: Characteristic map, handsome shape, cool fighting, new generation card experience!

War in troubled times: dozens of classic battles, hundreds of famous historical generals, you will join them in war in troubled times!

Extreme Challenge: Brain Burning Strategy, Creating the Most Suitable Strategic School for Your Style!

Famous generals gather: Chu and Han struggle for hegemony, three famous generals, Sui and Tang heroes, group of heroes, as long as you want, all into the ranks.

Love and righteousness in troubled times: Friends, couples, gangs, your troubled times are never lonely, call friends to fight together!

Each has a huge amount of welfare, top-quality generals, millions of yuan Bao and so on.


Xiu Xian MMO Tour "Xiu Xian Shen Devil's Tips" officially landed, the demons gathered, fighting ceaselessly! The magnificent 3D visual effects, section light work, 360 degrees floating, let you really free to swim in six circles; the four major occupations, competing with each other, restricting each other and competing in various cross-dress competitions; Xianmeng War, give you impressive group PK experience; cloak, back ornament, soul pet and other hundreds of appearances give you dazzling dress; open the world boss, rare equipment dropping at a high rate, armed themselves into the exciting big. The land of escape becomes the last king of domination!

[Game features]

_Aestheticism and Immortality

Magnificent 3D visual effects, feel different journey of immortality!

Friendship and love come together

Immortal alliance makes like-minded brothers and sisters, immortal couples encounter romantic love in fairyland. Write about your wonderful life!

_Free Athletics

Various cross-dress competitions, 1V1, 3V3 and Xian Meng Battle are waiting for you to fight!

_Professional Competition

Four major occupations, competing with each other, restricting each other!


In 2019, the brand-new 3D Oriental Martial Arts MMOARPG Tour "Destruction" uses the industry's leading engine and has a very high game quality. Over the host level of the next generation of sound and painting, warm-blooded sense of refreshing blow, so that players feel like they are in the situation to ride the horse free chivalrous rivers and lakes! All people play treasure, all people dress up, stand at the peak of the river and lake, all people look up to; free trade, make a living from scratch, play games can also make money! Wing pets advanced, attributes soared to activate a new look; mounted Dark Armor guard, strength advanced full of armed! More warm-blooded battlefield, tens of thousands of people cross Huashan argumentation sword! Drinking horses, rivers and lakes, love and companionship will last a lifetime!

Game features:

Four Professional Chivalrous Clubs

Huashan's Views on Swords and Ten Thousands of People

Sword God awakens the world's sole self-respect

Powerful equipment countless gorgeous fashions

The sensory extreme blow is smooth and explosive